The problem

The world of UGC is ruled by fake, money
driven interests:
1. Influencers are paid to say their “truth”
2. Fake reviews are flooding the web 
3. Brands have a hard time finding and managing content created by real people.

Hunting down authentic UGC is an
extremely difficult, frustrating process as the
online arena offers mainly fake or
meaningless solutions.

Image by Rich Smith

The Solution

The5starz is a community for real and authentic content

What you get? Authentic content from real people (segmented to your needs) without the operational hassle - royalty free

What we do: We will find the contributors, help them generate content and hand it over to you

Where is the content uploaded? Wherever you need! Reviews can be uploaded to your site, a 3rd party site, your facebook page, apps or google. Videos and photos are yours to use as you wish.

What happens if a review isn’t positive? We encourage all reviews be uploaded. A site with only 5 star reviews is considered un-credible. 

Also, we take great care to understand bad reviews in depth. If 9 out of 10 contributors did not like your product you have received valuable insights.