How this works
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Step 1

Read abit about us, see what we are about.

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Step 4

Create your content, If your are writing a review  try to be authentic & detailed (a bad review is ok too). If you need to add a video/photo make sure you have a clean background and good lighting.

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Step 2

Fill out the form to join the community. It is important you do so that we can offer you products that suit your needs. 

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Step 5

Send us your content. Once your content has been approved you will receive a link where you are to upload reviews and a google doc link to upload photos/videos & screenshots.


Step 3

When a product fits your profile we will send it to you. You will have 10 days to try it out. 


Step 6

Now & then a company will love your review/photo/video and want to promote it. Congrats, that means you did an awesome job!