Content creator tips

Be Thorough

Good content should be detailed, Try to explain why you feel the way you feel. Also, try to include all aspects of the product. 

Be Fearless

Do not be afraid to give your honest opinion. Most companies can really learn from this and hopefully, supply better products in the future. 

Image by Glen Carrie
Be Relevant

Try the product before you create your content. Take your time so you will be able to showcase your real opinions.

Image by Markus Winkler
Be Yourself

Write in your own words and try to  use your own personal style. In other words, just be you!

Be Creative

When you take photos/videos  remember that you are doing so to help other users understand your experience better. Make sure lighting is good and your background is neutral.
Be Exact

Nothing is worst then getting the brand or product name wrong. It makes the review almost worthless.
Be Friendly

Remember, just because it is online doesn't mean people don't feel anything. There is a real person behind every screen